We Love Small Business

Hard times can bring out the best in our communities. Our small businesses are the backbone of our communities and are the first people to step up to give you the shirt off their backs. During the difficult months ahead of the rebuilding process, Roam will be providing gift cards to those impacted by the fires from a handpicked list of our favorite small businesses:


Colorado Wildfire Assistance

During these difficult times, our herd is here to help you with any request. Roam wants to be able to offer our services as the “middleman” to connect those impacted by the devastating Marshall Fires to resources you may need for recovery. We want to be able to provide comfort and ease during your rebuilding process. We are here to hold your hand all the way through, to be a shoulder to cry on, and to help you see it through to the finish line. Please complete the fields below with your contact information so we can provide you with assistance as quickly as possible.