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Roam Real Estate Group - Roam with the herd

Feeling corralled and need space to roam? Well… maybe it’s time for you to jump the fence to open greener pastures!
If you’re a full-time licensed agent looking to steer buyers into one of the most successful and rewarding home purchasing experiences they can imagine, then it’s time for you to join our healthy and growing herd here at Roam.

What’s unique about us? We were born in the field, just like you! We built our business by establishing our position and standing out in the herd. We’re aggressive about pursuing opportunities for our existing and prospective clients, we’re bold yet educational when we represent ourselves and our clients, and we’re patient and honest when we’re faced with difficult challenges.

Thirsty to learn more? We’re a tight group. We’ve ditched the water cooler conversation and required office shifts so we can work where and when our clients and family need us. If you know the business, you know how to balance your family, friends, and clients (which may be all three at times)… Something we value greatly at Roam.

If you’ve got the rawhide to weather this real estate storm and you’re ready to graze with professional independence while enjoying some of the most competitive fees and compensation in the industry, consider this your most important follow-up call yet! The gate is open for a short time; contact me directly.

Nicole Brandt – Lead Wrangler
Phone: 303-931-7028

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