About Nicole Brandt

Phone: 303-931-7028
Email: nicolebrandt@roamrealestategroup.com

Nicole has a passion for helping people not just in their real estate goals, but in life in general. She has always been that person people are able to open up to so quickly, laugh with, and call a friend. Nicole thrives off of helping her clients achieve their dreams, that is what keeps her momentum moving forward in this competitive industry, and continues to bring her much success in her career. Nicole, married to her husband Jason, have two young girls. Jason a very accomplished golf professional, they are living a very busy life, they both strive to instill that strong working ethic into their daughters, meanwhile always remembering how important family time is! “Being able to have dinner at home together, is very special to me. I want my girls to always have those memories with them as they grow older.”

Family & Health are priority when she is not zipping around town for her clients, you will find her cooking for her family & friends, exercising at the local Crossfit gym, volunteering & carting her girls back and forth to the dance studio, where they are competitive dancers! Still being present for her young girls is something she is very grateful for and won’t ever take for granted. “This is such a precious time in their little lives, and I don’t want to miss a moment. That is why I take such pride in what I do, as it allows me to still be with my kids!”

Nicole grew up on the East Coast in Niagara Falls, NY where she comes from a very large close family. She visits them quite often and is always reminded of that feeling; what it is like to love your “home”. “Remember where you came from, and home is always what you make it!” Nicole has since lived in Arvada for the past 26 years since her move from NY, and has never left this fantastic Colorado city!

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